We are the present and the future

Russia’s Commercial Aviation

Our Mission

Shorten the Distances

Our main mission is to design, produce and support new Russian airliners. These new aircraft will improve accessibility to and from Russia’s regions, make flights safer, more comfortable and delivering cost savings.

Our competencies
We are in a unique position, drawing on the tradition of expertise and innovation of Soviet Engineering Schools, combined with a modern and cutting edge approach to develop modern aircraft, that meets the demands of the current market.

Drawing on best practices and advanced technologies, we are laying a solid foundation for the new era of commercial aircraft in Russia.

The centers of research and development activities within Yakovlev are our MC-21 and Superjet design bureaus, located in Moscow.

They include engineers of the most modern Russian airliners. To support large-scale production, our Design bureau units work in Ulyanovsk, Voronezh, Novosibirsk and Taganrog.

Yakovlev also has competence centers for key technologies used in civil aviation: the Integration Center, which carries out avionics’ integration tasks, and AeroComposit, which is the competence center for polymer composite parts innovative solutions and production.

Our Capacities

The main production facilities of Yakovlev are Irkutsk Aviation Plant, which produces МС-21, and Komsomolsk-on-Amur production center, which assembles SJ-100 aircrafts.

We use digital technologies and advanced industrial equipment in the production of our aircraft. AeroComposit plants in Ulyanovsk and Kazan are engaged in series manufacture of composite wings, high lift devices, and tail elements for MC-21.

We also offer full after-sales support of our aircraft. For these purposes, a subsidiary RApart Services operate within Yakovlev. It renders aircraft and components maintenance, repair & overhaul, spare parts supply and aircraft staff training services.

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