Yakovlev Aircraft Production Center

The company traces its history from February 1, 2005, when a manufacturing branch of Sukhoi Civil Aircraft was established in Komsomolsk-on-Amur. Later on, it was merged into PJSC Yakovlev.

The Home of Superjet

Yakovlev Aircraft Production Center in Komsomolsk-on-Amur is one of our company’s two commercial aircraft FAL facilities. The facility operates under the Superjet-100 manufacture project: it assembles fuselage, airborne equipment, and the cabin and performs first test flights before the aircraft are painted and handed over to customers. In September 2007, the first Superjet-100 prototype left the final assembly shop of the Production Center. In May 2008 the aircraft performed its maiden flight.

aircraft manufactured since 2007
operators in Russia

Production Capacity

To date, the Production Center has over 1,000 employees, and is implementing an ambitious modernization program for the manufacture of a import-substituted version of Superjet-100.

The final assembly shop is being extended to host a direct-flow production line, and a new flight test station hangar is under construction. The production capacity of the renovated enterprise will then be at least 20 SJ-100 aircraft per year. Furthermore, a center for the production of doors for Russian commercial aircraft is being set up at the premises of the Production Center.

In addition, in 2020 the Production Center received a certificate issued by the Federal Air Transport Agency, which allows it to provide MRO services and implement service bulletins for the Superjet family. These activities are performed at the modern flight test base of the enterprise.

Production Сulture

The Production Center was established for manufacture of the first digitally designed commercial aircraft in Russian history, so from the very beginning the aircraft was highly digitalized and fitted with state-of-the-art technology and equipment. Having mastered the series production of an advanced commercial airliner in international cooperation, the company largely contributed to the setting of new performance standards and aircraft production localization standards.

Throughout its history, the company has been actively introducing lean production principles and developing a better efficiency movement, which has become part of the production culture. The Production Center hosts regular Kaizen competitions and organizes special-purpose activities in workshops to help the employees test and implement technologies aimed at production efficiency improvement.

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