Primary Trainer

About the plane

Yak-152 primary training aircraft provides professional selection and initial training of pilots, as well as sport pilots.

pilot and instructor
4000 m
max. ceiling
-6 … +8 g
max. G-load
500 km
max. level flight speed at ground level


Designers of Yak-152 leaned on a wealth of experience amassed by the Yakovlev Design Bureau in the development of training aircraft. Since 1935, more than 22,000 UT-2, Yak-11, Yak-18, Yak-52 piston-engine trainers have been manufactured.

Comprehensive training

Yak-152 aircraft is a component of the integrated training system, which, at the request of the operator, can include flight simulators, computer training classes and objective control tools.


Aerodynamic configuration of the aircraft ensures flight safety during improper piloting, as well as controlled spins.


  • controlling engine and propeller with one lever
  • performing basic, advanced, and aerobatic pilotage
  • learning the basics of navigation, piloting technique by instruments and as part of a group
  • acting in emergencies
  • SKS-94M ejection system provides emergency escape of both crew members

For the operator

  • low cost of flight hour due to the use of aviation kerosene
  • the possibility of outdoor storage
  • the aircraft can operate day and night in all weather conditions
  • the aircraft can operate from small airfields with ground strength of 5 kg/сm2
  • aggregates, systems, and equipment of the aircraft may be operated on condition

Technical specification


Minimum crew

2 people (pilot and instructor)

Overall dimensions of Yak-152


7.8 m


3.11 m


8.8 m

Wing area

12.9 m2

Landing gear base

1,814 m

Technical characteristics


Diesel RED A03-102


МTV-9-E-C/ CL240-55а

Engine power

500 hp

Specific fuel consumption in max. mode

0,165 kg/kg*h

Engine service life

2000 flight hours

Max. G-load

+8 … -6

Climb rate

10 m/sec

Normal take-off/landing speed

120/130 km/h

Max. level flight speed at ground level

500 km/h

Takeoff run (concrete/ground)

235/260 m

Landing run (concrete/ground)

420/375 m

Max. ceiling

4000 m

Max. flight range with full fuel load

1500 km

Weight characteristics

Max. take-off weight (MTOW)

1700 kg

Max. fuel reserve

245 kg

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