Our values

Our values are ourselves

The guiding principles for all our employees, regardless of their position or location, from Moscow to Komsomolsk-on-Amur


Air transport is safe owing to the stringent standards introduced at every stage of aircraft life cycle. We give priority to these standards to improve safety and take responsibility for the well-being of every passenger. Our guiding principles for safety are transparency, openness, and accessibility.



is responsibility for our country, our colleagues, our partners, and our customers.

We are responsible for every aircraft we produce, as our loved ones also use them for travel. We demand compliance with the highest standards of ourselves and of our partners. We also prioritize environmental safety and encourage our employees to care for the environment.


We are passionate about our work and strive for continuous self-growth and enhancement of our industry knowledge. Being result-oriented, we implement principles of lean manufacturing, all while constantly aiming for greater heights and ensuring that we never stop.


We bring up high-end professionals from generation to generation by passing on the best practices and experience. We carry on the leadership traditions in the development of advanced technologies and unite the nation's intellectual and technological elite.


We believe that everyone contributes to team success and we can meet ambitious targets and compete in the global marketplace only if we are united. Working in a team, we motivate each other to grow.

We create an open and respectful working environment where everyone can express their opinion and be heard – this is how we guarantee the efficiency and cohesion of a team of over 20,000 people.

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