Short-haul jet aircraft

About the plane

SJ-100 – a new generation short-haul jet aircraft. The airliner is in demand on the Russian market as it offers optimal combination of range, capacity, and comfort.

up to 103 seats
maximum layout
4320 km
max. flight range
10860 kg
max. commercial load
airlines operate the aircraft in Russia


Advanced technological solutions ensure high level of safety, performance and reliability.


Comparable to mainline airliners due to convenient layout and overhead spacious bins.


Advanced aerodynamics, digital fly-by-wire control system, state-of-the-art cockpit with control side sticks.


  • control side sticks
  • fly-by-wire control system
  • autoland system CAT IIIA
  • navigation and landing modes P-RNAV, LNAV, VNAV
  • weather radar with turbulence detection
  • wide range of options

For airlines

  • low operating costs
  • the aircraft is optimal for point-to-point routes on domestic and international lines
  • the aircraft can operate in all climatic zones with temperatures from - 55 °C to + 45 °C
  • the cabin can be easily redesigned to meet the needs of airlines
  • full compliance with current and long-term environmental standards
  • developed operational infrastructure in Russian regions
  • centralized after-sales support from the aircraft manufacturer

Technical specification


Minimum crew

2 people

Maximum number of passenger seats

up to 103

Overall dimensions of SJ-100


29.7 m


29.94 m


10.28 m

Technical characteristics


2 х PD-8

Engine thrust in take-off mode

7477 kgf

Max. cruising speed

0,78 M

Flight range in one-class layout

3700 km

Required runway length for takeoff (MTOW, MCA, no wind, sea level, dry runway)

1940 m

Required runway length for landing (MTOW, MCA, no wind, sea level, dry runway)

1425 m

Weight characteristics

Max. take-off weight (MTOW)

49450 kg

Max. landing weight (MLW)

42000 kg

Max. commercial load

11500 kg

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