Medium-haul aircraft

About the plane

MC-21-310 – a new generation medium-haul aircraft. The aircraft is focused on the most popular segment of the passenger transportation market in the Russian Federation. Produced at the Irkutsk Aviation Plant.

up to 211 seats
maximum layout
5100 km
max. flight range
21300 kg
max. commercial load
share of composite materials


The MC-21-310 aircraft sets a new standard of comfort for narrow-body aircraft, which meets the standards of long-haul aircraft, and the dimension of the cabin is chosen taking into account the tendency towards increasing the anthropometric parameters of passengers.


The cooperation under the MC–21 program includes leading Russian manufacturers of aviation systems. High quality is ensured by the introduction of digital technologies in the design and production of aircraft. As part of the MC-21 program, the technological renewal of the Russian aviation industry is being carried out.


Advanced aerodynamics, engines and systems of the latest generation ensure high flight performance and low operating costs.

Aircraft design

  • high aerodynamic perfection due to the high-aspect ratio composite wing
  • the share of composites in the structure is more than 30%
  • a new generation PD-14 engine that provides reduced fuel consumption
  • digital control system with quadruple redundancy
  • active linked control side sticks
  • the aircraft meets promising environmental requirements for noise and emissions
  • the largest width of the passenger compartment and the aisle between the seats in its class

For passengers

  • expanded personal space for each passenger
  • increased freedom of movement on the plane
  • increased volume of overhead bins
  • more comfortable cabin pressure for passengers, corresponding to the height of 1800 m
  • increased size of windows

For the airline

Operation and service

The aircraft can operate in all climatic zones with temperatures from - 55 °C to + 55 °C and at airfields with an altitude of up to 4060 m above sea level. Fast and high-quality after-sales support.

Form factor

The cross–section of the aircraft is optimal for a wide range of carriers and types of airlines - from low-budget and charter to premium airlines. Workspace for the crew is expanded. It is possible to choose the most appropriate ratio of "seat cushion width / aisle width".

Modular design

Advanced features of interior configuration for individual customer requirements. The onboard equipment has a modular design and adapts to the needs of airline.

Cost saving

Reduced fuel consumption, as well as noise and emissions. Reduced boarding and disembarkation time.

Technical specification


Minimum crew

2 people

Typical two-class layout

163 (16 business and 147 economy class)

Maximum layout

211 seats (74-71 cm)

Overall dimensions of MC-21-310


35.9 m


42.25 m


11.45 m

Fuselage width

4.06 m

Max. passenger compartment width

3.81 m

Luggage volume

The total volume of cargo compartments

49 m3

Technical characteristics

The aircraft is capable of operating at all airports in Russia, which operate aircraft of its class.

Max. flight range in a two-class layout*

up to 5100 km

Max. cruising speed

0,82 M

Weight characteristics

Max. take-off weight (MTOW)

85 000 kg

Max. landing weight (MLW)

73 500 kg

Max. commercial load*

21 300 kg

* depending on the configuration and selected options

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