Design Bureaus

Yakovlev has two design teams that work on two domestic aviation flagship projects in the short-haul and medium-haul segments - SJ-100 and МС-21. They continue the traditions of the great Soviet aircraft construction schools and together form the new standards of commercial aircraft development and design in our country.

МС-21 Design Bureau

In 2010, by decree of the President of Russia, our company was appointed as the general contractor under the advanced MC-21 passenger aircraft development program.

The design team in charge of the development of the "mainline aircraft of the 21st century" comes from the legendary Experimental Design Bureau named in honor of A. Yakovlev, which became part of our company in 2004. In 2017, МС-21 aircraft prototype had its maiden flight, and at the end of 2021, the airliner was certified.

Upon successful completion of the aircraft development and certification task, today the design bureau focuses on airliner systems and units import substitution program. Research work is underway to expand the product range of МС-21 aircraft with new modifications. Flight tests necessary to introduce amendments to the design documentation are conducted at the flight test and development site in Zhukovsky.

The design bureau has branches in Ulyanovsk and Voronezh. They are in charge of liaising with Aviastar-SP and Voronezh Aircraft Production Association enterprises in the context of production cooperation for the МС-21 project.


Superjet Design Bureau

Designer of the first passenger aircraft in the contemporary history of Russia. The core of the design bureau are former workers of the Sukhoi experimental design bureau, who were spun off into a separate design entity in 2000 for the development of a civil aviation aircraft.

Since 2020, the Superjet Design Bureau, going along with the development of a regional aircraft family, operates within PJSC Yakovlev as part of consolidation of scientific, development, and production capacities of Russia’s commercial aircraft industry.

The first Superjet-100 aircraft took to the skies in 2008; in 2011 the aircraft was certified in Russia, and in 2012 it was certified abroad. Then several enhanced performance modifications were developed. The Superjet Design Bureau has gained unique experience in certifying aircraft according to EASA standards. It also successfully carries out design support of a series produced aircraft.

Today, the Superjet Design Bureau is involved in the development and certification import-substituted version SSJ-100 aircraft, namely SJ-100. The design bureau has a big team of engineers and designers, and its branches operate in Novosibirsk, Taganrog, and Voronezh.

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