MC-21 and SSJ-100 painted in the UAC’s new corporate livery for participation in the MAKS-2023 airshow


MC-21 and SSJ-100 painted in the UAC’s new corporate livery for participation in the MAKS-2023 airshow
The prototypes of MS-21 and SSJ-100 aircraft that will take part in the MAKS-2023 international air show received a new livery in accordance with the current corporate identity of the United Aircraft Corporation that was presented in 2022.

Russian-made paints were used to apply new liveries. After painting in Ulyanovsk, the aircraft arrived at the Flight Research Institute named after M. M. Gromov airfield in Zhukovsky for further preparations for the MAKS air show, where they will be presented to the public.

“The new livery will be standard for all UAC’s civil aircraft prototypes, but our flagships in the segments of regional and medium-haul aviation, the SSJ-100 and MC-21, were the first to receive it. Aircraft wearing this livery will form a single product line: UAC - Civil Aircraft. These aircraft will form the backbone of the fleet of Russian airlines in the coming years,” said Andrey Boginsky, Deputy General Director for Civil Aviation, UAC and General Director, Irkut Corporation.

MC-21 is a new generation medium-haul passenger aircraft, one of the key models in UAC’s exposition. The liner, created based on the latest technologic achievements, is targeted at the largest segment of the passenger transportation market. Advanced aerodynamics, engines and systems of the latest generation provide high flight performance and reduced operating costs. A greater elongation composite wing increases the aerodynamic perfection of the aircraft. Low fuel consumption, reduced noise levels and emissions characterize MC-21’s high bypass ratio PD-14 engines.

Superjet is a family of regional aircraft that combines latest technologies in the field of aircraft construction and offers passengers long-haul liner comfort level, significant economic advantages for carriers, convenience for the crew and maximum environmental friendliness. Currently, the Production Center of the Irkut Corporation in Komsomolsk-on-Amur is assembling SSJ-NEW prototypes and preparing for serial production of the import-substituted modification of the aircraft.
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