Preparation for the first flight of SSJ-NEW is on the home stretch


Preparation for the first flight of SSJ-NEW is on the home stretch
A field session of the Research and Development Board devoted to the flight test preparation of the first test aircraft – SSJ-NEW – was held at the Production Center of the Regional Aircraft Branch of Irkut Corporation, United Aircraft Corporation.  
The session was attended by representatives of aircraft systems and components suppliers. The members of the Research and Development Board highly appreciated the level of aircraft preparation and equipment ground checks, paying special attention to the matters of ensuring upcoming flights safety.
"We are now on the home stretch in the process of the SSJ-NEW preparation for the first test flight. Huge efforts have been made by our personnel to substitute all foreign systems on the airliner with Russian-made systems. The aircraft was equipped with local control system, avionics, landing gear, hydraulic system, air conditioning system and many others. The first flight will be performed soon, after ground checks of the equipment. Their goal is to ensure passenger safety, because the SSJ-NEW together with the medium-range MC-21 will form the basis for the Russian airline fleet in future. We understand the importance of this airplane for our country and, therefore, we do our best to launch commercial production as soon as possible,” said Vladimir Artyakov, First Deputy General Director of Rostec.
Following the Research and Development Board session, a final list of ground checks to be underwent by the airliner before the start of flight tests was prepared. To speed up the test program, the SSJ-NEW will perform its first flight using Franco-Russian engines – SaM146. The second prototype will start the flight test program with Russian-made PD-8 engines.  
"Within a few weeks, we will proceed to development tests including the first flight. At the next stage, the aircraft will be presented to specialists of Federal Air Transport Agency for certification tests, following which the import-substituted systems will be approved for use on board the SSJ-NEW. This will give a start to serial production and commercial operation of the aircraft. At each stage of testing our absolute priority will be to ensure safety and reliability of equipment, because soon this plane will take passengers on board," said Andrey Boginskiy, Deputy General Director for Civil Aviation of the UAC, General Director of Irkut Corporation.
The SSJ-NEW is manufactured under the import substitution program and will be another model in the SuperJet family operated currently by airlines.

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