The MC-21 aircraft is being prepared for the next stage of flight tests


MC-21-300 test aircraft performed another flight, which completes the first stage of the in-plant testing.

At this stage, in accordance with the test program, a set of the following works was successfully performed:

  • - the characteristics of stability and controllability of the aircraft in various configurations of high-lift devises with released and retracted landing gear;
  • aerodynamic corrections of the system for measuring altitude and speed parameters in the range of heights and velocities determined;
  • various modes of the power plant operation in flight and on the ground have been tested;
  • the working capacity of aircraft systems was tested, including the in-flight workability of an emergency ram air turbine.

Designers of the Engineering Center of the Irkut Corporation and specialists of the flight test division of the Yakovlev Design Bureau are processing the received information. At the same time preparation of the MC-21 aircraft for the next stage of flight tests are beginning.

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