The second MC-21 aircraft flied with PD-14 engines


The flight prototype of MC-21 aircraft, which had previously been tested with an imported power unit, was remotorized and made its first flight with Russian PD-14 engines from the airfield of the Irkutsk Aviation Plant, a branch of the Irkut Corporation (part of the United Aircraft Corporation of Rostec State Corporation).

The aircraft became the second MC-21 equipped with Russian engines. In addition to installing the PD-14, the systems of the prototype were finalized based on the results of past flight tests. Also, in order to integrate the domestic power plant, a number of imported aircraft equipment components were replaced with Russian ones.

“Involvement of the second prototype in PD-14 flight tests is an important milestone in the framework of the MC-21 project and one of the key stages of the import substitution program, as the power plant is the “heart” of the aircraft, which ensures the operation of the most imortant systems of the airliner. Together with the United Engine Corporation, we aim to complete the certification of the aircraft with the Russian engine by the end of 2022. The second aircraft will allow us to increase the density of flights and continue, together with our colleagues from the UEC, to work on tuning the engine and on-board systems for the most efficient operation with MC-21,” emphasized UAC Deputy General Director for Civil Aviation - General Director of Irkut Corporation Andrey Boginskiy.

After completing three flights, MC-21 prototype will make a flight to Zhukovsky to continue certification work at Flight Test and Development Complex of Yakovlev Design Bureau.

MC-21 is a new generation medium-haul passenger aircraft with a capacity of 163 to 211 passengers. The airliner is focused on the most demanded segment of the passenger transportation market. MC-21 is created with the latest developments in the field of aircraft construction. Advanced aerodynamics, engines and avionics of the latest generation provide high flight performance and reduced operating costs compared to analogues. The aerodynamic perfection of the aircraft is provided by a wing of greater aspect ratio made of composite materials. Engines with a high bypass ratio PD-14 are distinguished by low fuel consumption, reduced noise levels and emissions. The widest fuselage width in its class provides more personal space for passengers and increased freedom of movement.

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