UAC by 2035 to increase the share of civil aircraft to 45% in revenues


According to the strategic goals of the United Aircraft Corporation (UAC), by 2035 the share of civil products in its revenues should reach 45%, more than doubling from its current level of 20%. In total, UAC’s share of the total world’s civil aircraft market should also reach 4.5% by 2025 from the current level of less than 1%.

The share of accessible military aircraft market should also rise from current 20% to 45% by 2035. The accessible market will consist of all countries except NATO-member countries and their historical allies and from 2030 the Chinese market.

Not later than in 2025 UAC will become profitable by net profit and by 2035 will become a profitable business that is attractive to investors, lowering its dependency on the government in investments.

The strategy was earlier approved by the UAC’s Board of Directors. The UAC’s Strategic goals up to 2035 and transformation directions to achieve them document is available here. (

The main tasks of the product and market strategy in the document are:
a) securing government requisites in state security including transportation security;
b) maximizing international sales in segments of civil regional, mainline and widebody jet aircraft;
c) preserving existing market share in military aviation while expanding in transport and special purpose segments;
d) achieving a balanced lifecycle stage product mix.

The overall effect from implementing measures to increase workforce effectiveness, capital management optimization, investment optimization, production facilities optimization and non-core assets sales will exceed 700 billion rubles by 2035. By that time the Corporation will provide more than 50,000 high-efficiency jobs, the yearly dividends should exceed 30 billion rubles, and payable taxes should exceed 200 billion per year.

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