UAC presented 2019-2038 Market Outlook


United Aircraft corporation (UAC) has delivered new long range civil aircraft market forecast. The whitepaper document is intended for the mainstream audience and serves for harmonization of the Russian aviation industry opinions as referred to the core markets and also for signification of the Corporation contribution to the international aviation community references coordinates formation.

The 2019-2038 Market Outlook booklet concept differs from the relevant documents which the Corporation has delivered in the previous years, as it contains corporate vision revealing supply and demand ratio pitfalls covering different market segments relative to world regions and key countries comprising Russia, China and India in addition to the vital market statistics.

The civil aircraft quantitative demand appraisal for the forecasted period is executed on the basis of the genuine mathematical imitation model, which considers many parameters, comprising but not limited to macroeconomic and demographic arguments, air transportation dynamic and volume data, current fleet condition, world production capacities, sale, purchase and lease deals as well as state investment programs records and miscellaneous commercial factors.

Narrowbodies of 166-200 seats capacity will be in the main demand stream. The market pull for the such aircraft is forecasted at 20.5 thousand level, which is in excess to all other market segments. The total demand in raw numbers is estimated in amount of 44.3 thousand airliners or 6.35 USD trillion if calculated in the 2019 catalogue prices.

The Russian segment share is equal to 2,9% in monetary and 3,3% in quantitative terms of the world market. 166-200 seater narrowbodies segment will overtake the majority of the local aviation carriers deliveries (630 tails estimate).

Maximum quantitative demand geographical location-wise is forecasted in China (9,1 thousand tails), Asia-Pacific (excluding China and India) (7.9 thousand aircraft), European (8.3 thousand liners) and North American (8.2 thousand units) regions.

The 2019-2038 Market Outlook booklet contains detailed quantitative data regarding the global commercial aircraft market segments actual state and development trends, as well as a regional chapter that provides a detailed information on Russia, China, India, countries of the  CIS, Asia-Pacific, European, Latin American, Middle East, North American and African regions.

The Market Outlook booklet in Russian can be downloaded from the link

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