UAC to Present its Civil and Military Products at Airshow China – 2016


United Aircraft Corporation (UAC) will participate in the international aerospace exhibition AirShow China - 2016, which to be held from 1 to 6 November in Zhuhai (China). This year Airshow is an anniversary event as it was held in 1996 for the first time, more over this year Chinese aerospace industry celebrates 60 years since its establishment.
UAC product range will be presented by military, civil and special purpose aircraft, manufactured by the Corporation.
Su-35, Su-32, MC-21-300, Yak-152, Yak-130, Il-96-400M, Il-114-300, Be-200, Be-103 and SSJ100 models will be demonstrated in the UAC booth at the Pavilion “D”. Visitors of the Airshow can familiarize oneself with SSJ100 of Russian airline Yamal presented at the static display.

 “Airshow China is the only one abroad trade exhibition where UAC increased scope of its participation which is indicating current trend of cooperation between our countries”, - said the UAC President Yury Slusar.
China is one of the most important drivers for Asia-Pacific Region market growth generating average annual increase of about 6.3% for the next 20 years – which is the second World’s position following after the Indian market. China is expected to overtake today’s leader in terms of passenger traffic volumes - USA by 2028 and North America - by 2033.
According to UAC forecasts Asia-Pacific Region will be the most receptive for new aircraft market in the World till 2035. In this period the need for new jet aircraft in 60-120 seats segment in China has been estimated about 800 aircraft. UAC products may take up to 10% of the market.
The Corporation delegation will focus on negotiations with its Chinese colleagues. Russia and China have always been partnering in aviation and the parties are planning to continue cooperation in all segments, in particular in the joint project of the wide-body long-haul aircraft.
Asia-Pacific Region is also considered as the perspective market for amphibian aircraft developed by Beriev Aircraft Company, a UAC Company. Unique performance of this aircraft will allow countries of the Region to operate it with maximum flexibility and effectiveness.
Flying display of Airshow China will feature demonstration programs of the unique Russian aerobatic teams on Su-27 and MiG-29 military aircraft – “Russian Knights” and “Swifts”.

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