United Aircraft Corporation will demonstrate its aircraft lineup at Singapore Airshow 2018


United Aircraft Corporation will demonstrate its aircraft lineup at Singapore Airshow 2018

United Aircraft Corporation (UAC) will take part in the Asia's Largest Aerospace and Defence event – international Singapore Air Show 2018, which runs from 6 to 11 February. The UAC’s product line will be represented by the military and civil aircraft models produced by the Corporation divisions.

The UAC’s stand will showcase the models of Su-35, Su-32, MiG-35, MiG-29K, Su-30SME, Yak-130, Yak-152, Be-103, Be-200, SSJ100 and МС-21 aircraft. Also, guests of the show will be able to visit the flight simulator of the new Russian MC-21 airliner.

The static display will host the Sukhoi Superjet 100 aircraft with the new horizontal wing tips installed. The installation of saber-like wingtips allows to improve the take-off and landing characteristics of the SSJ100 and to decrease the fuel consumption by at least 3%. These improvements in the takeoff and landing characteristics are expected to be highly valued by the Asia-Pacific region customers, as it brings the advantage of operating SSJ100 at regional aerodromes, as well as in hot weather conditions and at high-level airfields.

As part of the exhibition work with potential buyers, UAC will present the MC-21 program, which has already proceeded to the phase of flight certification tests.

The demonstration of the MC-21 full flight simulator would show the benefits of the MC-21 airplane family -- reliability, a high level of passenger comfort, ergonomics of the crew cabin and others.

Traditionally, UAC’s military brands have high status in the region's market. The Su-30 fighter family is chosen as the main type of combat aircraft by the air forces of several countries of the region. During the exhibition customers will also be able to learn more about superior combat characteristics of the fourth generation fighters such as the MiG-35, Su-35 and Su-30SM.

The Russian Yak-130 combat trainer jets allow the pilots of the "4+" and "5" generation fighters to be trained at the high standards and therefore can satisfy the demands of the region’s Air Force. Along with Yak-152 training aircraft, which model also will be showcased in our stand, the Yak-130 could dispose a full training cycle for pilots.

Don’t miss the unique Be-200 amphibious aircraft with its remarkable features that can help Southeast Asia countries cover their requirements with maximum flexibility and efficiency.

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