Yakovlev has opened an aviation training center in Skolkovo


Yakovlev has opened an aviation training center in Skolkovo
PJSC Yakovlev (part of PJSC UAC of Rostec State Corporation) has opened the RATA Aviation Training Center in the Skolkovo Innovation Center, which will become one of the main platforms for training civil aviation pilots to work with new aircraft of national production.
To date, Skolkovo already has a full-flight simulator and an emergency training simulator for the SSJ-100 aircraft, which were previously located on the territory of the Gromov Institute in Zhukovsky. With the opening of Aviation Training Center, theoretical training capacity of Skolkovo has significantly increased, as well as transport accessibility has improved.
"In three years 212 pilots and 977 specialists among engineering, technical and ground personnel have been trained in RATA Aviation Training Center. We plan to scale this experience to the entire Civil Aviation Division − by 2030, a total of 12 new simulators will be put into operation for four types of aircraft – SJ-100, MC-21, Tu-214 and Il-114. Some of them will be located here in Skolkovo, where we have three more places for full–flight simulators, the second construction phase is also possible," said Andrey Boginsky, Deputy General Director of PJSC UAC for Civil Aviation, General Director of PJSC Yakovlev, at the center opening ceremony.
Igor Drozdov, Chairman of the Board of Skolkovo Foundation: "We cooperate with UAC in a number of directions: a joint venture fund has been created, with the help of grant support we help UAC to import software. I hope that our cooperation in scientific and technical sphere will also expand. Skolkovo companies are already actively helping national aircraft industry: for example, a number of startups focused on 3D printing technologies are manufacturing equipment for aircraft components. The competencies of these and many other startups, as well as Skoltech, can be useful for UAC to develop joint products for the benefit of our country."
The RATA Training Center, established in 2020 as a subsidiary of PJSC Yakovlev, today offers more than 70 training programs, including the study of aircraft components, staff development and others.

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