«Yakovlev» – new brand of Irkut Corporation


Irkut Corporation (part of PJSC UAC of Rostec State Corporation) announced its renaming by introducing a new brand – «Yakovlev». This decision has been made considering the company's recent geographic expansion and competence development. All corporate renaming procedures are to be completed in August.

Over the last 20 years, Irkut Corporation has transformed from a corporate center of the Irkutsk Aviation Plant to a leading developer and manufacturer of civil aircraft. Today Irkut is present in 10 cities and 9 regions of the country with over 20 thousand employees and more than 8 thousand aircraft produced.

"The Russian aircraft industry is at a turning point. At a time when Boeing and Airbus have curtailed operations in our country we move towards overcoming import dependence and aim at fully equipping national airlines with aircraft developed in Russia. Our planes are comparable in quality, reliability, and other characteristics with aircraft of world brands. By 2030, UAC enterprises are to supply about 500 civil aircraft to Russian airlines. The main burden is placed on Irkut, which will produce 142 regional SSJ-NEW and 270 MC-21. You could say that today MC-21 and SSJ-NEW programs are on the home stretch. Next year we will begin the first deliveries of passenger liners in a fully import–substituted version - with Russian-made systems, engines, and other units. The newly branded company will become a supplier of new aircraft," said Sergey Chemezov, CEO of Rostec State Corporation.

The company has rich experience in the design of aviation equipment, modern production facilities, and distinctive competencies in dealing with suppliers, marketing, sales and maintenance of civil aircraft acquired over the years of Superjet and MS-21 projects. Today, these competencies are also required for other projects of the UAC Civil Aviation Division, such as Il–114 and Tu-214. The company currently has a goal of forming the basis of Russian airline fleet up to 2030. According to the comprehensive program for the development of the aviation industry, more than 400 MC-21 and Superjet aircraft will be produced and suppled to customers by this date.

"The legacy of A.S. Yakovlev is not only about more than 200 developed aircraft, but also about building a powerful aircraft industry from disparate enterprises and their unification to perform tasks of national importance, as it was during the World War II. This experience resonates with current situation, when our civil aircraft industry is united in the face of new challenges and ambitious tasks. We must not only preserve, but develop this heritage on the basis of modern standards and demand of the time," said Andrey Boginskiy, Deputy General Director for Civil Aviation of the UAC, General Director of Irkut Corporation.

Yakovlev Design Bureau has been part of Irkut Corporation since 2004, but now the entire company will bear the name of A.S. Yakovlev, immortalizing it in the structure of the Russian civil aircraft industry.

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